Alcohol & Drug Deaddiction

"When too much of something comes into being – it starts to haunt you! "

Substance abuse (Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Sniffing glue, petrol, Gambling, Internet addiction, etc) has become a major social and health problem in our society. Chetana Hospital offers individualized (medical and psychotherapy) treatment programmes on Out-Patient or Inpatient basis depending on the need. We have separate Male and Female units for Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment.

Family members should ideally seek help in the early stages of Drug or Alcohol Addictions. They can consult in the outpatient even without bringing the patient.

Detox Programme

Most patients who are dependent on drugs or alcohol develop withdrawal symptoms (tremors, restlessness, poor sleep, fits, etc) on reducing or stopping suddenly. Sometimes the withdrawal symptoms can be severe and pose risk to life also. It is necessary to use medications to control the withdrawal symptoms. This is called Detox.

Deaddiction Programme

Our De-Addiction Centres have a 28 day (4 week) package typically involves 1 week of detox and 3 weeks of intensive psychological therapy. The client is offered Individual, Group and Family therapy sessions. A joint assessment is done where Psychologists address various factors like stress-related concerns, family issues, social situations and Psychiatrists address the underlying psychiatric conditions like anxiety disorders, depression, Bipolar Disorders and personality issues.

The Group therapy sessions are based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Power of auto-suggestion. The practical approach is used by using psychological games, yoga, relaxation therapy and pranayama. Individualised sessions to address the individual needs. Family Sessions are conducted to address specific concerns and also make the family a partner in the therapy.

The 4 week package includes psychiatric and psychological consults, therapies and classes, stay and food for the client. Investigations, medicines and other medical consultations are extra.

We also encourage patients to seek help from various organisations like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), NA, Al-Teen and Al-non groups who visit our facility on a weekly basis.

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